Rules of the Mess; Dining In

Rules of Engagement for the event are:

1. The President of the mess is the decision maker and is never wrong.
2. Thou shalt arrive within 10 minutes of the appointed hour.
3. Thou shalt make every effort to meet all guests.
4. Thou shalt move to the mess when thee hears the whistle to remain standing until seated by the President.
5. thou shalt not bring head dressings into the mess.
6. Thou shalt not use profane language in the mess area.
7. Thou shalt not leave the mess whilst convened. Thou must receive permission from the President for bona fide emergencies
8. Thou shalt participate in all toasts unless thyself or thy group is honored with a toast.
9. Thou shalt ensure thy glass is always charged while toasting.
10. Thou shalt keep toasts and comments within the limits of good taste and mutual respect. Degrading, insulting remarks will be frowned upon by the membership. However, good natured needling is encouraged.
11. Thou shalt not whine or otherwise murder the Queen’s English.
12. Thou shalt not use the decorations or food stuffs as projectiles. Only pre approved ammunition is allowed in the mess.
13. Thou shalt fall into disrepute with thy peers if thy elbows rest on the table.
14. Thou shalt consume thy meal in a manner becoming gentle persons.
15. Thou shalt not laugh at ridiculously funny comments unless the Presidents first shows approval by laughing.
16. Thou shalt express thy approval by tapping thy spoon on the table. Clapping thy hands will not be tolerated.
17. Thou shalt not fire on the head table… it is a no fire zone.
18. When the mess adjourns, thou shalt rise and wait for the President and guests to leave.
19. Thou shalt ensure thy uniforms conforms to standards and is in good repair.
20. Thou shalt engage in frivolity ONLY at the times and place designated by the President.
21. Thou shalt ensure the drinking vessel is charged at all times.
22. Thou shalt draw only one beverage at a time.
23. Thou shalt enjoy thyself to the fullest.
24. Thou shalt NEVER address the President directly, But rather Mister/Madam  Vice
25. Thou shalt not quibble; when all else fails, refer to rule 1.




1. Without talking, proceed through the CDI challenge course to the Grog Bowl
2. Station thyself in front of the GROG BOWL
3. Salute the GROG ( Left Handed )
4. Pour thyself a cup of GROG as directed by Mr. Vice or the President: face about, raise cup and toast “To the Mess”
5. Drink the contents of the cup without removing the cup from thy lips.
6. Show the cup to be empty by turning it upside down over thy head.
7. Face about; Replace cup; salute the GROG; return to thy seat.

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