JROTC General Knowledge

General Knowledge

Commander in Chief: The Honorable Donald J. Trump
Secretary of Defense: The Honorable James Mattis
Secretary of the Army: The Honorable Dr. Mark T. Esper
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: General Joseph Dunford (USMC)
US Army Chief of Staff: General Mark A. Milley
Sergeant Major of the Army: SMA Daniel Dailey
Commanding General of TRADOC: General Stephen Townsend
Cadet Command Commander: Brigadier General John R. Evans Jr.
7th Brigade Commander: Colonel Lance Oskey
7th Brigade CSM: CSM John Woodson

Chain of Command Quizlet

US Flag

13 stripes…. 6 white, 7 red

RED- Hardiness and Valor
BLUE- Vigilance, Perseverance, Justice, and reverence to God
WHITE- Purity and Innocence

7 Army Values

L- Loyalty
D- Duty
R- Respect
S- Selfless Service
H- Honor
I- Integrity
P- Personal Courage


Senior Army Instructor: CPT Mark Federle
Army Instructor: MSG Clifford

JROTC Mission Statement

To motivate young people to be better citizens


1. What is the goal for all Junior ROTC Cadets?
a. Graduate high school and prepare for the future
2. What does the acronym “LET” stand for?
a. Leadership Education Training
3. What is a synonym for the flag?
a. Colors, standard or ensign
4. What is the mission of Army JROTC?
a. To motivate young people to be better citizens
5. Who is given the position of honor?
a. The highest ranking soldier to the right.
6. How do you address a Warrant Officer?
a. Mr., Miss, Sir or Ma’am (CW2 and above addressed as Chief)
7. What does the acronym JROTC stand for?
a. Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps
8. What does SAI/AI stand for?
a. Senior Army Instructor/Army Instructor
9. What is the secret of JROTC?
a. Teamwork
10. What established JROTC?
a.  National Defense Act of 1916

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