Rifle Team

The Rifle Team consists of shooters who travel to rifle competitions and compete against other shooters for the highest score. The shooters compete in individual as well as team events. There are three firing positions in the Rifle Team, prone, kneeling, and standing. The prone position entails laying on their stomach and shooting a target 10 meters down the range. The kneeling position is when the shooter kneels down on one knee with the rifle on the other.The standing position is a self-explanatory position. The Rifle Team includes the highest safety standards of all the teams, and violations are punished severely.

Practice: Held on Tuesday and Thursday 1st shift starts at 3:15-5.15 P.M. 2nd shift starts 5:15-7:15 P.M.

The Team commander for the 2017-2018 Chloe Colding

Rifle team members

Chloe Colding

Cara Lightner

Lucy Harp

Brian Blankenship

Dylan Mouk

Catherine Lawrence

Brian Searson

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